One of the top 20 credit unions in the United States, Patelco has a long history of innovation in technology. To continue to thrive in a competitive industry, they have needed to innovate and evolve faster and more completely. Intactic partnered with both the executive leadership team and the communications team to engage in a discovery process to further understand the needs and requirements of their digital workplace.

A majority of Patelco employees are also members, and seamless integrity between the member experience and employee experience were critical to Patelco’s mission. We implemented our audience-centric method of discovery and helped them analyze and understand their needs and vision. Ultimately, we crafted a digital workplace RFP to enable Patelco’s vendor selection process so they could choose the right partner to build a customized, cutting-edge digital workplace. Such a workplace includes corporate intranet and collaboration systems. We continue to partner with Patelco to implement a modern workplace strategy that positions them as one of the top credit unions in the country.