Clarivate Analytics, a global leader in data analytics software, offers several subscription-based services trusted by a huge array of successful universities, businesses, research centers and government agencies across the globe.  By accelerating the rate in which a potentially overwhelming amount of data becomes clarified, organized, and analyzed (as their name suggests), Clarivate enables their users to achieve their professional and financial goals with ease and peace of mind.

In 2016, Clarivate Analytics was first formed as an independently-owned organization after separating from Thomson Reuters, the multinational mass media and information conglomerate based in Toronto, Canada.  One of Clarivate’s central challenges as a newly-founded, independent and internationally-active company was the restructuring of the organization. During that period, they were tasked to stand-up and implement a multitude of technologies that were independent of their parent company in order to continue running the business. Faced with this challenge, Clarivate Analytics reached out to Intactic to assist with change communications throughout the transition period.  It became Intactic’s role to build on existing platforms in order to more effectively communicate with specific audiences during this time of transition.

Intactic’s ongoing collaborative communications development for Clarivate Analytics has resulted in a smooth transition away from Thomson Reuters for Clarivate employees and suppliers.  The communications campaigns developed and implemented by Intactic have made it possible for Clarivate employees to understand new technologies essential to their workday and to navigate through the period of significant, company-wide change that occurred as a result of the organization’s newly established independence.  Intactic’s strategies and practices also paved the way for the transition for Clarivate’s external suppliers, helping them to absorb new, essential information regarding new financial policies and procedures of the now fully-independent Clarivate Analytics.