Intactic has launched a new podcast and service offering for leaders and communicators called TechVerified. The podcast promises to bring bold conversations about CommsTech, HR tech, and all things related to internal communications and the modern employee experience. The podcast is hosted by Intactic CEO, Preston Lewis and aims to help leaders and communication professionals in all industries find the best value in technology investments and internal and change communication programs worldwide. Beyond the podcast, TechVerified also support more awareness for the Intactic technology advisory, procurement, governance and communication service offering.

TechVerified cuts through the clutter with clear discussions, without any demos, and provides insights into the most reputable companies in the world. Companies of all sizes can take full advantage of fun chats with great people working in these companies. The podcast is produced by Intactic and is focused on creating a neutral platform for conversations that surface the most critical decision criteria that decision-makers struggle with when challenged with hard decisions about balancing tech and people investments.

People in all roles listen to the podcast, including CFOs, and, of course, CEOs and Chief Communication Officers. TechVerified guests include leading vendors like FirstUp, Staffbase, Comparably, Cerkl, and Glean, and newer companies like Haystack, ActionLogics, and Anthill.

“We need to see through a modern lens in every aspect of the employee experience, including the decisions that impact digital well-being and time management for every person working in the business. It’s very measurable now, and we need to get this right.” says Preston Lewis, CEO of Intactic.

The employee experience is essential to the success of any organization. As more companies embrace technology to improve their employee experience, it’s critical to understand the tech’s impact on employees’ overall well-being and productivity. TechVerified aims to help decision-makers navigate these complex issues with informed discussions and unbiased insights.

TechVerified is a fun addition to the rapidly expanding podcasting world, bringing exciting conversations with industry leaders and providing invaluable insights into the modern employee experience. It’s a must-listen for anyone interested in technology, communications, and HR in today’s global world of work.

Access the press release here.