Intactic is excited to announce a new strategic partnership with LumApps, a leading modern intranet technology platform.


We are excited to announce the new strategic partnership between Intactic and LumApps. This partnership will allow us to stay closely connected as the LumApps technology continues to evolve and as leading organizations explore new ways to modernize their employee experiences.
Similar to other Intactic technology partnerships, we will be able support organizations with intranet related services to deliver distinct value rather than receive any referral fees. This enables us to remain unbiased and support the appropriate level of decision-making regarding new platform selection.
Our partnership will provide companies with access to LumApps’ comprehensive suite of enterprise applications, designed to help companies of all sizes streamline their business operations and improve their collaboration and communication.
Through this partnership, Intactic and LumApps will be able to provide our customers with the ability to quickly and easily create and implement powerful business applications, without the need for costly development and implementation. We will also be able to provide our customers with access to LumApps’ advanced analytics and reporting tools, giving leaders the insight they need to make better decisions and improve their operations.