To keep Intactic on the leading edge, we invite a select group of leaders and communicators to participate in quarterly meetings of the Intactic Advisory Council (IAC). These talented pros work within some of the most reputable companies in the world and come together at the IAC to share their perspectives on the latest trends and up-to-the-minute insights. The IAC members include professionals responsible for internal communications, employee engagement, HR communications, enterprise transformation and internal brand activation.

Although the IAC represents a wide variety of industries and cultures, we often have much in common when it comes to “hot topics”. The Q1 2016 conversation was quite lively, and we are pleased to share some of the highlights along with some actionable tips that you can consider for your company.

Trend: Employer Branding

How do we attract top talent amidst a company transformation?

  • Creativity is key to employer brand messaging and buy-in, and will help your communications cut through the clutter.
  • Employee generated content is both cost-effective and generally well-received by employees.
  • Encourage employee content generation by creating simple tools and platforms for people to share their stories. Short contests and personal invitations are an effective way to increase participation.

Trend: Measuring Employee Engagement

What tools and techniques are most effective?

  • If you’re not already using mobile apps to measure employee engagement, you will be.
  • Success measures are moving beyond typical engagement metrics to also include measuring/quantifying employee happiness.
  • Lack of company action after survey results are announced will breed a lack of employee survey participation.

Trend: Brand Advocacy

How do we leverage our most valuable asset to increase brand awareness?

  • Employees react well to more conversational brand advocacy content that doesn’t seem forced.
  • Observing your employees, then using the observational insights to define the voice of your brand advocacy communications will increase the level of authenticity.
  • Quality over quantity: most authentic messages do not require a large budget.

About the Intactic Advisory Council:
The Intactic Advisory Council (IAC) is a select group of enterprise communications thought leaders and practitioners from companies including eBay, StubHub, BlueCoat, FIS, Starwood, Interface, Walmart, Yahoo!, RedHat and 24 HR Fitness. The purpose of this group is to connect like-minded professionals, share knowledge and insights, and optimize the performance of our companies, our teams and ourselves.

About Intactic:
Intactic is a modern communications company focused on creating more human-centric experiences for people at work. Our strategic, digital and creative services power enterprise transformation and engagement from the inside out.

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