2nd Annual Advanced Learning Institute HR Analytics and the Employee Experience Conference

We live in an age of big data. This means that we now have a lot more knowledge around each of our employees, from communication preferences to emotional states, than we have in the past. How do we look at this information and inform our actions towards creating a better employee experience? That was the main question throughout the event  last week as communications and HR professionals gathered in San Francisco to discuss how to use data to power engagement and communications to create a better place to work.

Over three days we covered several topics including methodologies for learning the current state of the business, the power of listening and humanizing workplace communications and talent acquisition strategies. Intactic’s Preston Lewis was the conference Chair and he also shared two presentations; Building Unique Communications Campaigns that Drive Participation from an audience centric lens, and the Five Elements of the Modern Employee Experience.

There were two strong threads that I found most interesting that wove their way through the multiple day event. The first surrounded meeting a company where it is currently at on it’s path of employee communications and starting from there. Every company is very different and has grown in vastly different ways. It’s important to learn where a business is at on it’s path to the employee experience it wants to build, then strategize from there. 

The second was a very clear understanding that numbers can only describe so much of the equation. The most effective approach to building a better workplace is a hybrid of quantitative and qualitative information which gives a more holistic picture of the current employee experience.